Spring camp at Grube Louise, Germany

The summer camp led by Master Roland Yuno Rech will take place from May 25 to June 2, 2019. The teachings are in French and simultaneously translated into German.

Documents to download (in French):   Flyer Poster

Online registration 

On this website ---> www.zen-sesshin.de

Information on the workshop for teachers during the preparation

During the preparation of the spring camp in Grube Louise from 25 to 29 May 2019, workshops will be held on the theme "Zen, Ethics and Ecology". To begin our reflections, here is an orientation text that we invite you to meditate and complete. Please send us your additional thoughts on this subject.

We will use the Four Noble Truths and especially the Eightfold Path with the Six Paramita by applying the principles of interdependence, responsibility and compassion to the foundations of ethics and ecology.

Perhaps we could consider appropriate ways to highlight the benefits of ethical behaviour at different levels of society so that people who have had little contact with Buddhist ethics can have new experiences through right action. This could lead them to focus on essential questions.

What values should we teach our children, how and by whom, so that they perceive themselves and their actions in a great unity instead of isolating themselves and pursuing selfish goals?

We can also look at some concrete examples where selfish behaviour and ignorance have had harmful consequences for the environment in the past. Humanity forgets quickly and we should learn from these experiences.

We could also investigate how corporations, politicians, lobbyists justify decisions that have harmful effects on the environment. By analysing them we learn to invalidate them and find arguments for more beneficial effects for the general public.



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