The Wind and the Moon

vent lune

Poems taken from :

« The Wind and the Moon »

written by William Heido Meriadec, from the dojo of Colmar

L’Harmattan, Publishing

« Sitting in zazen, The wind blows, uncatchable.
Night zazen under a starry sky.
Late at night, the frenzy of the world seems to be quieten down,
Just the noise of the insects and the wind.
Such a moment, how could it be described !
A simple glance, a smile, a silence, than… nothing ! »


« Fond of silence
To let the heart speak.
Night zazen.
The moonlight as single light.
Sitting in silence
Observing the smoke of the incense
fading away little by little… »


« Walking on the wet sand, leaving footprints,
For a while remain,
Suddenly a wave looms up violently
Washing off everything.
Indeed, nothing lasts. »


« Sitting in the shade of a large patriarch tree,
Watching the leaves falling gently… »


« Sitting with my bowl of tea
An idle man in trouble times.
For single company,
through the window,
the birdsong.
The joy to be simply there… »


« The wind blows,
Dead leaves fly away,
In my house,
quietness »


« In the darkness, the moonlight,
the sweet perfume of incense.
Sitting before the window,
Contemplating the moon and the stars.
Absorbing myself with
the serene nature of this moment.
My heart is upside down ! »


« A cold night,
a clear moon,
a contemplative silence… »


« A clear moon in a misty sky.
Tonight no star to contemplate.
What a strange atmosphere ! »


« Carefully taking down the moon,
Gently laying it by her heart ! »

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