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Dear friends of the Way

We have often been told of the expression that Master Deshimaru used « bad become good »....well we ,the team in charge of maintaining the site, have been able to prove its accuracy over the last few months. You certainly noticed that the site was hacked into and became inaccessible just before the summer. Following these attacks, in an emergency, we decided to totally re-install the Joomla architecture in its stable most recent version, as well as the entirety of the contents we had safeguarded. So we started again from scratch in order to have a sound, reliable and durable base. This was possible thanks to the know-how and the commitment of the members of our small but very efficient team in charge of managing the site, who are all deeply thanked. Thanks to them we now have a site which functions in the seven languages of the sangha and this version change allows us to use new fonctionalities which I would like to tell you about :

  • The technical and security updates, the system maintenance, all this is much simpler to administrate and will be done as and when it's required.
  • Management of the languages is a little different, now, if an article is not yet translated, you will arrive at a page with a sentence indicating that the article does not exist in your language. If you are able to read in another language you just need to click on one of the language flags to see if the article is translated into that language.
  • We have put a labelling system of articles into place to make it easier for the translators to find the articles which still need to be translated into each language.
  • This labelling system allows us to introduce a new way of navigating within the articles of the ABZE teachers. Now you will find, in the sub-menu of the link « Teachers », the articles of the teachers certified by our sangha. You will find in the first link, Roland's articles grouped under « Yuno Rech ». The others will follow as and when they are received. - You now have a link « user profile » which appears under the « connection » block when you are identified and which allows you to go to a page where you can, if needed, change/update your mail address and/or your password.

So these are the latest developments concerning your use of the site, I wish you a good visit and a good read of the different sections and of the new teachings which are proposed to you.

Pascal-Olivier Kyosei Reynaud

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