The new Temple Komyozan Gyobutsuji in Nice

04 P1000318 800 600Frédéric Savie, Chairman of the Nice Zen Association, tells us about the installation of the Temple in the new location.

“The long-awaited moment came at last: we moved on Thursday 25th February 2016 and made our first zazen in the new Temple on the Friday morning (by chance, just three years after the Hossen Shiki of Pascal Olivier). We benefited from the beautiful energy of the group of all the Nice practitioners. They came at dawn, at the usual hour of the morning zazen, to come and help with the removal of a huge volume and weight of material...

But it was very beautiful to see the mutual aid: we made a chain from the first floor down to the truck and then, when everything was back up on the second floor (with a lift this time), it was great to drink a glass of the “nirvanic” fruit juice of Anne Marie's and her hot coffee: it quenched our thirst and finally allowed us to speak and exchange, after this concentrated and silent effort. The tongues loosened, the eyes sparkled: we * had succeeded!

I believe that the engineers of the launch Center of Kourou in Guiana were not happier than us on this morning of February the 25th, when they succeeded to launch the Ariane rocket.

04 P1000319 800 600

And the new dojo seduced us by the clarity of its great glass windows, its peace (I shall not say silence, because we are surrounded by a neighborhood. But this fact gives also a “presence” to our meditation: it is not separated from daily life). We appreciate the space and all the possibilities that the new flat will allow. The very soft heat of the air conditioning changes us also from the old oil smelling radiators, which reminded Roland about his journeys in Afghanistan, when he was young.

Of course, it touched us to leave the “4 bis avenue Notre-Dame” which was then no more than an empty shell, shell in which had resounded so many Hannya Shingyo and so many kusen during these 19 years of activity.

There are still some works to finish: for example we put paper center lights on the ceiling, while waiting to decide which kind of lamps will suit everybody.

The kitchen is going to welcome a table offered by a disciple, because at the moment we eat on trestles. Cloakrooms will need a little bit more comfort to be adequate. Roland's office is going to be fitted out according to its desire (desk, table, shelves, and armchairs to receive people for private interviews).

Even the ficus religiosa which for years gave us “a green touch” followed us, as a faithful friend whom we did not want to abandon. It was just necessary to cut its top, because ceilings are lower now. He too had to abandon his ego, after all.....

We are waiting now for your visit.

See you soon.

Frédéric Savie – Chairman of the Zen Association of Nice

The new adress of the Temple Komyozan Gyobutsuji :

27, avenue Jean Médecin
06000 Nice
tél. +33 (0) 493 808 149

* this “we” includes all the people who came to help us, Alessandro, Beppe, Claude, Massimo and all those who participated financially by their fuse and donations.

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