We only see with the heart

“We only see with the heart,
The essential is invisible for the eyes”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Japan Expo 2016We were a small group in the express train Brussels/Paris, going to the Japan Expo 2016 …

What an exhibition, what a large space, what a crowd … I never saw such a gigantic space and I got lost in the Exhibition Hall every time!!!!

But the good mood was present and we worked several hours to build the stand reserved for us, under the enlightened direction of Geneviève Gauckler and under the narrow supervision of Master Banana himself!!!

The next day, for hours, young (and less young) people arrived in a continuous stream from the RER station to the numerous entrances of the Exhibition Palaces: young people, keen on the Japanese culture which they have discovered in the manga’s and other cartoons!

But the gate they did take has no importance, because it led them to us!

I lost track of the time for the next three days, as the exchanges were wonderful!
The moments we shared with the persons following the initiations were a real gift, and, in spite of the noise, they tasted the pleasure to sit down, to stand up straight, to walk in kin in and to breathe.

To my big surprise, they succeeded - with no problem at all – to let go of the general cacophony and to concentrate!!!!

But if the sound level seemed to be a problem for me during the minutes of zazen I proposed, it was also my ally when I had to speak to them!!! Because the loud repetitive sounds obliged us to move closer us to each other to talk and whereas I had to make big efforts to be heard, they had to remain very attentive to understand everything,

Everything was there: the jar, the earth and the water! We only had to sow the seed of Zen!!!

And we are many to have sowed this seed, on this stand, during this beautiful week of July!

A Belgian who travelled with his son in the same train as me and who practises in the Dojo of Jurbize, joined us by chance on the stand, sat with us and did impromptu initiations!!!!

Thank you to Christian Gaudin, alias Master Banana, and his partner Karin, so charming, who made me discover all that _ / ¦ \ _

Thank you to all the members of the Sangha who came from Germany, from Belgium and from all corners of France, and for the beautiful energy they brought with them.

These are those I already mentioned : Geneviève (Paris); Karin ( Paris) and Christian Gaudin (Paris), but there was also Catherine ( Manosque), Mireille ( Paris), Evi ( Aachen), Sylvia (Aachen), Jérémie (Paris), Philippe (Paris), Fabrice (Reims), Xavier (Jurbize), Fabrice, the first recruit of the BZZ (Paris), Pauline (Paris) and Arnaud (Sens).

We will meet for sure in one year for new adventures, exhausting but so enriching, and also at the end of this year to organize the Butsu Zen Zone 2017.


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