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When the brush creates sign-images, reflections of interior visions, movement liberates thought and the momentum of the heart. Caroline Carlson

At the Godinne summer camp, Zen and Art gives each year to the artists of our sangha the opportunity to present their works.
This year, 5 artists shared with us their artistic experience:

Jean Robert Gérard : Calligraphy as a link where the visible meets the invisible.
Léo Weling : A few years of practice of calligraphy as a moment of concentration, of intimacy with oneself, in the repetition of the gesture.
Beppe Mokuza : Thirty years of experience to transmit and share sumi-e. The spirit of the gesture together. “To paint a bamboo, be the bamboo”.
Maurice Vanderstadt : Abstract paintings where the gaze is liberated from the form.
Eric Tchéou : Photography as the trace of past moments spent together, memory of our sangha.

Art invites you to share your work and experience, to touch deeply the heart of the admirers.

Chantal Cote

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