Eternity's Quality

Poem (Translated by the author)
Annemarie Roelofs

Eric Tcheou Paysage 3

We are dead most of the time
peacefully moving along the line
which the universe enrolls for all
the energy she has installed

This energy that brings about
all sorts of forms going in and out
And one of those: Plop! brings us about

So all of a sudden we are alive!
What's gonna happen, will we survive?
What is this, for heaven's sake?
Oh my dear, there is work at stake!

We have to walk
we have to talk
we have to give
we have to live!

Sometimes we want to,
sometimes we don't
Sometimes we're drowned
sometimes we're stoned...

Sometimes we're happy and we gently
“row our boat down the stream“
'Cause we see quite evidently
That “life is but a dream”

So as all dreams tend to do
our life will be ending too
(without much further ado)

And all of a sudden: Plop! It stops

We stop to breathe
we stop to eat
we stop to walk
we stop to talk

After a while we mute to chalk
in the earth, in the rock

And we continue solidly
to be Eternity's Quality

Tags: NL27

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