Life at the dojo of Le Castellet

By Nelly Giammugnani Tereszkiewicz – Dojo Secretary.

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The dojo of Le Castellet is open 4 days a week.
Once a month we eat the gen mai together, on Saturday morning, when there are the most practitioners.

On Monday morning and Saturday morning after zazen, we organize workshops: on sounds, on the right gestures in the dojo, or exchanges on a theme (Dharma workshops).
Right now, we are studying the Four Noble Truths.
Sometimes it’s a teisho …

We do samu once a month.
We started a negotiation with the village Mayor to organize a “Clean Village” samu.
Every even year, we organize an “Open doors day”, with distribution of flyers, publicity in the neighbourhood and adverts in the social media.
We have also a “blog” and a Facebook page that are regularly visited.
We practice a Shakyo day once a year, often during the commemoration of the awakening of Buddha.
This year, we would like to begin with the calligraphy of the Hannya Shingyo. The idea is - if possible - to keep working at this calligraphy regularly at the dojo, in order to finish it together.

We also plan to suggest to the new monks and nuns who have just received the transmission from Master Roland Yuno Rech to come and conduct a zazen day at the Castellet dojo, when they go to the temple of Nice, because Le Castellet is only at 160 km from Nice.

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