The continuing practice

May 2020

For several weeks now, most dojos have been closed, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. After the last Flash Info, several teachers shared with us their experiences and the measures they have taken to support the Zen practitioners, so that they can continue the practice of zazen and the gyoji.
Here is a summary ...

Zazen at home

2392 pratique 1For some practitioners, this is an opportunity to discover the practice of zazen at home. One sits in a quiet room, on a zafu, a meditation bench or a chair facing the wall. From the very beginning of zazen, it is good to remember the instructions given in the kusen on the correct body posture, breathing and state of mind.

Zazen in the dojo

When zazen practice in the dojo will be allowed again, it is however strongly advised to establish security measures. The following pieces of advice has been communicated to us::

2392 pratique 2 

After practicing alone at home, it is possible that some slackening in the body posture may have occurred, such as the rotation of the body axis or the rising of the shoulders. Because of the social distancing rule, it will be difficult to correct postures in the dojo. A dojo leader has obtained good results by giving the following pieces of advice to the practitioners and help them to do a "self-correction" of their posture:


For many Zen practitioners, it is important to maintain the contact within the sangha. Fortunately, we live in an age that offers multiple technical means of communication:

And much more

2392 pratique 3In this period of confinement and uncertainty, many people are suffering mentally, morally or physically, even without being affected by the virus. Despite personal isolation, it is important to keep an open mind to our environment:

Some quotes

"Go back to the simplicity of the practice. Are a body, a mind, a zafu and a little determination not enough?”

"In this time of uncertainty, we need to strengthen the links of relevance."

"One sangha member recorded the wood and broadcast it 10 minutes before practice: it is a reminder that it's time to go and sit.”

"We feel very connected, maybe even more than usual, and also ready to help anyone who needs it.”

"The impermanence that Roland always talks about has hit us hard this time! And our well-adjusted lives were shattered... Quite a lesson!”

"We must face this period of isolation with wisdom and compassion. For us, the basis for doing this is the practice of zazen together, the very practice that we are now pursuing in a different form, in different places, but at the same time.”

"The drums are not yet beaten, but soon the ceremonies will be possible again.”