Mysterious is this link...

By Pascal-Olivier Kyosei Reynaud
May 2020, Narbonne (France)

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Mysterious is this link...

Mysterious is this link from a consciousness to a body

Being human, a surprise in the phenomenal vastness that realizes itself

All the oceans are rivers, tears, rain and birdsong

Once standing, the slightest thought deprives of life; between two thoughts, a Buddha smiles

But …

I'm not this body, whether it walks, talks, sleeps or eats

I am not this thought, this word, this silence

I'm not these beliefs, these attachments, this will

In the beginning nothing appears; in the end nothing disappears

The beginning and the end do not exist, neither does the here and now

Yet each drop reflects the moonlight, which itself reflects the sunlight

These eyes also are liquid drops, this heart a reflective presence

Human brothers and sisters, why inflict so much suffering on each other?

Refusing the treasure of Suchness, our hands and our eyes dress up in dreams

Believing that we are speaking, we list our fears and grope our way forward

The awakened being sees the "Such" clearly, without doing anything about it

The infinite sky, free and changing

The song of every bird and the scent of every flower

The caressing wind and the water that goes back to its source, the still water or the water that flows towards the ocean

This rooted tree and its budding sap

Every child who cries, the abandoned or killed animal

The outstretched hand or the raised fist, every hatred, every love is known to me

Being without being, a bark of life

The word of silence which, if it gets caught up in its own game, becomes silence of speech

A body going through the evil of the present moment

Without light, no shadow, how can we get beyond?

The Master asks:

- "What is that? »

- "That, what is it?"

The Emperor asks:

- "Who is in front of me?"

- "Non-knowledge"

Non-knowledge, is the only acceptable answer

"I" don't know, and entering "not knowing" is true knowledge

Thirty strokes of the stick, "I" goes back to emptiness

Thirty strokes of the stick, "I" is born on earth

It becomes possible to see in the mirror without reflection

A standing being, compassion and wisdom are the heart of the Buddha Way, of life.


Here is an excerpt from the teaching of Mazu Daoyi or Ma-tsou (709-788)

(source: "Les entretiens de Mazu", Master Chan of the 8th century, trans. Catherine Despeux - Editions “Les deux océans” - 1980):

"All beings, since an immeasurable number of kalpa, have never left the samâdhi of the essence of the doctrine (dharmatâ). While residing permanently in this samâdhi, they eat, clothe themselves, discuss, respond. Ultimately, the functioning of the sense organs and all acts are the essence of the doctrine. Those who do not know how to go back to the source attach themselves to names, pursue phenomena, so that erroneous passions and false thoughts arise, and they cultivate all kinds of karma. But for those who are able in a single thought to return to the source, their entire being becomes the holy Heart.

Let each one of you reach his own Heart, do not cling to my words. Even if I were eloquent and spoke of subjects as innumerable as the grains of sand of the Ganges, the Heart would not increase; even if no word were spoken, the Heart would not decrease. It is your Heart that speaks of obtaining, it is also your Heart that speaks of non-obtaining. In the same way, would you multiply your body, emit light, perform eighteen miracles, it is not worth making the "I" going back to the extinguished ash".


Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash.

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