Q : Could you talk to us about vacuity?

R : If I could define vacuity, it would no longer be vacuity. There are all sorts of vacuity. Vacuity doesn't exist in itself. Vacuity is always in relation with something, it doesn't exist independently from phenomena. Phenomena are impermanent, they only exist in interdependent relations. They have no fixed substance, so we say they are empty of substance. If we observe ourselves, we will notice that we are empty of ego. There is an absence of a substantial ego in us, nothing we can grasp deep down in us and say: «  that, that's me. ». There are phenomena, thoughts, we can even have thoughts about ourselves, consider our personality, say to ourselves : « I'm like this or like that. » but these are mental constructions. Behind all this, deep down, there is no substance. This is why the ego is vacuity. Phenomena appear against a background of vacuity. It's the same for everything, absolutely everything. If I see « me » it's because there's « you »opposite me. If you're not there opposite me, « me » no longer has any meaning. « Me » only exists in relation to a « you ». We have been relational beings since the amoeba, ants, human beings out until the galaxies. That's what's marvellous!

Tags: Roland Yuno Rech

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