The Buddha Way

Q: Since The Way is fundamentally perfect and natural, there's nothing to gain or to reject, and it's not dependent on the length of time it has been practised, why didn't the school of Buddha succeed immediately in bringing joy to the world, and realizing a world without war and pain?

R : Simply because the Buddha Way must be practised. It is perfect but we are not perfect. To harmonize our lives with this perfect Way, it's not enough to say : «  each one of us is Buddha » for us to act like Buddha. To act like Buddha, not do bad, not cause injustice, but on the contrary do good, we have to anchor our lives in a practice of gyoji : the daily practice of zazen, the respect of the precepts and the practice of the other paramita.

In this way we can live a harmonious life, without betraying our true nature through our errors and our bad karma.

Buddha said that he showed the Way. For example, to go to Benares? We could say, : to go to Paris, you go out of the Gendronniere and you turn right, then in Blois you take the motorway and you arrive in Paris. But if you go in the direction of Chaumont, you will never arrive in Paris.

It's the same thing for the realization of the Way and the mind of Awakening, to transform this world of samsara into a world of peace and joy we have to anchor our lives in the practice of gyoji otherwise we risk falling into the error which Master Dogen called the « spontaneous» error (Jinen gedo).

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