Serenity at the heart of the action
Ariane Mogilianski.


In view of the devastation of our planet, deploying the meditative horizon to reach a wide audience is a major challenge. Being human on earth means being fully responsible for the humanity within the biosphere, no longer ignoring those we will never see, those who live far away in distant countries.
We inhabit this world together, in intimate interdependence with all living beings. Modern society is based on the illusion of our rights, of our ability to control the rest of the living beings. But we cannot survive one moment without breathing. Without the trees, the oceans, the marvelous creative and protective diversity of life, there is no possible survival for human beings.
Climate chaos is therefore an uncompromising injunction: we must abandon our fantasies of domination, approach everything that exists with love and respect and harmonize with wisdom.
When we meditate, we can free ourselves from the selfish individualism so fervently fostered by the consumer society and thus experience directly the reality of our absolute interdependence.
Looking inward, we simply observe how we function, our thoughts, our emotions, our relationship to the world. Just by knowing ourselves as we are, we become more aware and sensitive to the whole of humanity and the whole universe.

Because meditation inspires a fully conscious commitment to peace and offers us a way to be present to the world in a more lucid and richer way, it must go beyond the personal sphere and invest new horizons, take to the streets to demonstrate and provide a concrete answer to contemporary challenges.
Medit'action opens up a space free of any instrumentalization, based on a deeper understanding of the human being, born of intimate experience, free of any theoretical dogmatism, philosophical presuppositions or religious affiliation.
We want to realize an ideal of a just and equitable society, even if it means going against established structures.

Our actions are articulated around a few major axes:

Supporting and accompanying: meditating during action is to become one with the action, with a no-fear approach. It nourishes the activist’s action and challenges the violence of the state. It also means defusing tensions with the police forces and clearly displaying the non-violent nature of the movement.

Raising public awareness: by organizing meditations open to all in public places or by targeting structures whose actions endanger the living.

Regenerate: by helping activists to manage their emotions better. To meditate before action is to establish oneself into serenity and clarity. Meditating after the action means accepting emotions and letting them go, and therefore regaining stability and energy.


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