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09 TibetConference and photos in Trier about a trip on bike around the Southern Silk Road.

On Saturday 14th November 2015, Philipp Myosan Funk, a Zen monk from Switzerland, accepted the invitation from the Dojo of Trier (Germany). After Zazen, he gave a conference about his eight months trip on bike around the Southern Silk Road.

After the death of his Master Missen Michel Bovay, he decided to make a kind of pilgrimage. On his bike, he made (in 2011 – 2012 and during 8 months) a tour of 8800 km, from Uzbekistan around the Southern Silk Road, the Pamir Highway to China and then around the Tibetan plateau, to finally reach Southern Asia.

After this very interesting conference, illustrated by many photos, we ended the evening with a friendly drink.

Philipp answered many questions, such as:

At the last question, Philipp answered: “As is Zazen, step by step, without thinking of reaching a goal …”

(Read more about this trip on www.phunk.ch)

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