Letter to Greta Thunberg

During the last spring camp in Grube Louise as part of the "Zen, Ethics and Ecology" workshop, a survey was conducted among the participants: what everyone is already doing for ecology and what everyone wants to do in the future. One of these wishes was to thank Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish girl who triggered the "school strikes for the climate" that became the global "Fridays for the Future" movement.

Here is the letter of thanks we sent to her:

Dear Greta,

We, representatives of the European Zen Buddhist Association, would like to thank you for your action to combat the climate change.

We are a large community of Zen Buddhist practitioners, gathered around our Master Roland Yuno Rech, in different European countries.

During meetings that take place regularly at different places in Europe, we practice zazen (the Zen meditation) and we also organize workshops during which we exchange on the teachings of Buddhism and on current topics.

At one of these 9 days meetings in Germany in May 2019, the topic of the workshop was "Zen, Ethics and Ecology". This subject is not new to us, because the teaching of the Buddha and the many Masters who followed him is basically an ecological teaching, which gives a very important place to the interdependence of all beings and to behavioral ethics based on compassion and aiming to harm no one.

The movement you launched was - of course - mentioned several times during this workshop and among other decisions, we decided at the end of this workshop to write this email that we address to you in thanks for the inspiration you gave us.

We wish you lots of good energy and courage to continue your commitment.

lettre greta


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