Zen and nature in Trier

ZEN and Nature in Trier, 2011

We continued our intensive practice in connection with "ZEN and Nature" during a weekend in the summer and the autumn.

In the summer we went, after the evening zazen, before and after the morning zazen, to a very large natural area with rare plants and animals, the"Mehringer Berg" and the "Kautenbachtal" near Trier.

pumpspeicherwerk2In a few years time, a pumped storage station will be built at the "Mehringer Berg" for the region of Trier. We debated that issue during a rest at the "Mehringer Berg" and went through the problem of a pump storage station and its consequences on nature in that spot and in the "Kautenbachtal". At "Mehringer Berg" there will be the upper basin, at "Kautenbachtal" there will be the lower basin. The pump storage station is a very intensive method to save energy from wind power or solar energy.

Ohterwise the nature here and in the "Kautenbachtal", will be totally ruined because of the technical buildings.

We have debated about the huge quantity of energy we need ant that the community needs for its functioning. What can we do to save energy in the everyday life? What can we do to make our everyday life simpler and more respectful of all creatures?

In autumn (December, 18) we have our next intensive weekend "Zen and nature". We'll have zazen on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, afterwards we'll hike through the conservation area "Mattheiser Wald".

pumpspeicherwerk1Isolde Schnorbach
Matthiasstr. 20
54290 Trier


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More information : http://videos.www4.arte.tv/de/videos/pumpspeicherwerk_als_energiespeicher-3941214.ht

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