Kakemono Zen LOL – 2

Kakemono humoristiques de Christian Kokon Gaudin (aka Maître Banane)

Copyright de Christian Gaudin

An old pond, a frog dives in, splash!
“Berk! You’ve got to love plastic.”
Fresher, more stylish and less gory than the crucifix. Spice up your decor with the Awakened.
Mokudo Taisen Conforama
Zen Price – Maxi Zen – Dogen cuddly toys – Christmas Buddhas
“I should have taken the inflatable model”
That’s because we’re in the middle of good and evil. How cool is the evening breeze.
Meal Sutra, Gyohatsu Nenju. In this empty and impermanent world of illusion, may we exist in muddy water with the purity of the lotus flower.
“Besides, it’s too good.”
I would have liked to offer you some sweetness, but alas, Zen offers nothing.
“So thank you for your purchase.”